Lines and Bodies

Eszter Szép | Milestone Institute, Budapest
Boglárka Littner | Milestone Institute, Budapest
Posted 1 May 2020

Eszter Szép is a module leader and mentor at Milestone Institute, Budapest. She also works as a curator, educator, and critic. She is co-founder of Hungary’s first community comics library (2018), and she is the main organizer of the yearly International Comics Festival, Budapest. Her book, Comics and the Body: Drawing, Reading, and Vulnerability (working title) is upcoming with the Ohio State University Press. Further info at

Boglárka Littner is a student at Milestone Institute, Budapest, where she is currently taking a course on design and composition. She makes comics and enjoys inventing stories around the characters while drawing. She plays the flute and is concerned about the current environmental crisis.

Recommended citation:

Szép, Eszter, and Boglárka Littner. “Lines and Bodies.” Sequentials, vol. 1, no. 4, 2020.