About Sequentials

The Trace Innovation Initiative, a research endeavor maintained through the University of Florida’s Department of English, is proud to introduce Sequentials, a new hub for scholarship drawn in comics form. Following Scott McCloud’s 1993 publication Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art, as well as other visual comics scholarship from authors such as Nick Sousanis and Neil Cohn, Sequentials solicits and publishes interpretations of various academic subjects or themes drawn and explained through the comics medium. As a Trace Initiative project, Sequentials contributes to the flourishing field of comics scholarship and seeks to expand the production and circulation of knowledge.

This long-term project asks contributors to (re)imagine the meanings of both the subject at hand and the form their interpretation takes. By encouraging contributors to conceptualize their work in a distinctly visual way, this project highlights the unique creative capabilities of the comics medium and reflects Trace’s overall focus on innovative research, writing, and knowledge production.

As an online, peer reviewed, open-access publication, Sequentials proudly stands in collaboration with the academic journal ImageTexT: Interdisciplinary Comics Studies and the University of Florida’s Department of English, which supports the largest program focusing on the academic study of comics and graphic narratives in the United States.