About Sequentials

Sequentials is a hub for scholarship conveyed through comics. The journal solicits and publishes comics-form interpretations and expressions of academic subjects, i.e., scholarly works that are drawn and explained through the comics medium, rather than text-based scholarship about comics. In keeping with its roots as a Trace Innovation Initiative project, Sequentials seeks to expand the production and circulation of knowledge through atypical and innovative presentations. Comics-as-scholarship, we believe, has much in common with critical making and digital humanities projects that use practical and innovative means to present their scholarly and critical approaches.

This journal asks contributors to (re)imagine the meanings of both the subject at hand and the form that their interpretation takes. By encouraging contributors to conceptualize their work through visuals, Sequentials highlights the creative capabilities of comics as a medium. As an online, peer reviewed, open-access publication, Sequentials proudly stands in collaboration with the journal ImageTexT: Interdisciplinary Comics Studies and the University of Florida’s Department of English, which supports one of the world’s most prominent programs focusing on the academic study of comics and graphic narratives.

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