Homoti: The Turkish Gay E.T. Remake

Can Yalcinkaya | Macquarie University International College
Posted 15 September 2018

Can Yalcinkaya a Turkish-Australian academic in media studies, based in Macquarie University International College in Sydney, Australia. Can's academic work focuses on questions of cultural history in Turkey through popular media forms, such as films, music and comics. Can is also a cartoonist whose work has been published in Turkish and Australian anthologies. In 2014, Can edited a comics anthology titled #ResistComics: Scenes from the Gezi Resistance, inspired by the Turkish Occupy movement in 2013.

Recommended citation:

Yalcinkaya, Can. “Homoti: The Turkish Gay E.T. Remake.” Sequentials, vol. 1, no. 2, 2018.