Volume 2, Issue 1

The General Forum

Ad Metallum Purificandum

Nicholas Alexander Brown | Texas Christian University

Learning to Engage

Edited by Joe Curnow and Tanner Vea

Introduction: Learning to Engage

Joe Curnow | University of Manitoba
Tanner Vea | Pennsylvania State University

Learning & Teaching in Youth Activism

Ben Kirshner | University of Colorado Boulder

Pedagogies of Organizing

Josephine H. Pham | California State University Fullerton
Thomas M. Philip | University of California Berkeley

Educational Intimacy

Suraj Uttamchandani | Indiana University

Equity-Oriented Scale Making

A. Susan Jurow | University of Colorado Boulder
Molly Shea | University of Washington

Guided Emotion Participation

Tanner Vea | Pennsylvania State University

Politicization of/for Activists

Joe Curnow | University of Manitoba

A (Brief!) Statement from the Artist

Andrew Kohan | Independent Artist


  • Issue 1.1
    Postmodernism: Visualizing a Movement
  • Issue 1.2
    “Queer” as Noun, Adjective, and/or Verb
  • Issue 1.3
    Comics And/As/Against Fine Art
  • Issue 1.4
    Materiality: Drawing (on) Technologies
  • Issue 2.1
    Learning to Engage
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