Volume 1, Issue 1

The General Forum

How Wimmelbooks Work: A Snail’s Guide

Elys Dolan | Cambridge School of Art, Anglia Ruskin University, United Kingdom

Art Reviews in Comic Form

Coco Picard | Independent Artist

Postmodernism: Visualizing a Movement

This Is Not Marilyn: The Dailies

Chris Gavaler | Washington and Lee University

The Popular as Postmodern in Michael Moorcock’s Early Work

Nicolas Labarre | University Bordeaux Montaigne, France


Oriana Gatta | Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Comics, the Postmodern, and the Magical Real

Paul Davies | University of Sussex

The Classical Side of Post-Modern Architecture: The Jacksonville, FL Public Library

David Allan Duncan and Stephen Wagner | Savannah College of Art and Design

Polysemy Express

Michael Chaney | Dartmouth College


  • Issue 1
    Postmodernism: Visualizing a Movement
  • Issue 2
    “Queer” as Noun, Adjective, and/or Verb
  • Issue 3
    Comics And/As/Against Fine Art (Upcoming)
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